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Frequently asked questions



How long should I schedule my chair massage session?

We strongly recommend at least 10 minutes to achieve beneficial results.  Most clients schedule 15 to 20 minutes to appreciate an elevated level of relief from stress and/or pain issues.  We have several clients with chronic pain and stress who regularly receive 30 minute sessions!

How often should I receive massage therapy?

A monthly massage therapy program will make a BIG difference as it relates to your physical, mental, and emotional well-being!  We suggest bi-weekly or monthly if you have moderate stress and / or pain levels.

Frequent massages will allow your muscles to soften and become more pliant, which will help with pain, and with stress.

Should I talk to the Massage Therapist during the massage treatment?

It’s usually best to close your eyes, and relax into the massage. But it’s up to you. Be sure to speak up if you’re feeling too cold or too hot, if you experience any pain, or if you would like the massage changed in any way. Massage is intended to make you feel better – therapists would much rather you tell them what isn’t right than keep a stiff upper lip and then not return because you didn’t enjoy your experience.  

Is it okay to receive Massage therapy if I am pregnant or have medical issues?

If you are pregnant, it is not safe to receive massage therapy until you are past your first trimester.

If you have any medical issues, please consult with your Doctor before scheduling massage therapy.

Prior to your first treatment, we will ask you to complete a short consent / intake form to help us customize your session!

Should I Tip?

Yes, it is a sign of respect for their services, so a tip is a good idea. However, if you tip, be sure to tip regularly for each visit.

Did we answer your questions?

If not, PLEASE feel free to send us an email to:

or give us a call at: #813-515-6775.  

Finally....what's up with the window washers in the picture above?

We were on the 29th floor of one of our regular monthly accounts, and suddenly 2 men dropped

down out of the sky!  We could see them, but they could NOT see us!  They were using harnesses and suction cups, but did NOT have a platform.  I bet they need regular monthly massage therapy in their line of work!   

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