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about us:

Corporate Massage of Tampa was founded in 2016 by owner, Stacey DeMarco. She has been in the Spa Management business for over 12 years. Stacey has successfully set-up, and run the day-to-day business for 3 separate Spa locations in Charleston, SC; and also in Tampa, FL.  After realizing the demand for on-site Massage services, she decided to start her own company!

The need to expand our business model even further is evident. For the many offices of the 60,000+ employees in Downtown Tampa who are essentially “trapped” in their buildings all day long, we bring a sense of stress AND  pain reduction that drastically improves the morale, health and well-being of the employees and clients that we provide treatment to.  Not to mention the additional 90,000 + employees working in the Westshore Business District. 

Of course, during 12 years of Spa Management, Stacey was able to experience hundreds of beneficial full body massages. Having recruited, mentored, and managed over 100 Massage Therapists throughout her career, she has now put together her "Dream Team" of Massage Therapists here in the Tampa area to aid her in bringing this vision to life.

*** Current events are now also customized for Hotel guests  (including Wedding parties), Hotel Conventions, and Home Based Events!

"WE are here to help YOU create a HEALTHIER and less STRESSFUL workplace. Let us customize your event or wellness program to accommodate YOUR needs." -Stacey DeMarco

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